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The Church


Perhaps you have wondered why so many different churches exist in the world today, each advocating a particular doctrine or creed or viewpoint and sometimes differing on such fundamental issues as God’s plan of salvation. It can be frustrating and confusing trying to discern which religious group is truly following the Bible, but we know that God is not the author of confusion (1 Corinthians 14:33). Religious confusion only exists where misguided men and women have left God’s pattern for the work and worship of the church. It is clear from the Scriptures that God’s plan for the church does not include the commandments of men (Matthew 15:8-9).


The Lord Jesus Christ promised to build His church (Matthew 16:18), and the Holy Spirit told us, through the Apostle Paul, that there is only body, which is the church (Ephesians 1:22-23, 4:4). Jesus adds us to His church when we submit to the gospel of Christ and are saved (Acts 2:38, 41, 47). At this point, we are known simply as Christians (Acts 11:26). We do not wear the names of men to identify ourselves religiously. Instead, we submit to our Savior Jesus Christ as members of His church and exalt His name above all others. We realize we are ever learning and growing in our knowledge and obedience to the doctrine of Christ. Should we ever be found to be in violation of God’s plan, we pray we all will have hearts tender enough to be touched by the truth and will make changes in our lives.

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